The outbreak of Corona is not so much now. Passengers coming to India from different countries will therefore no longer have to go to the ‘Air-Suvidha’ portal to submit their Covid vaccination information. The central government announced this decision in a directive last Monday night. The order came into effect on Monday night.

To prevent corona infection, it was mandatory for the passengers coming to India to fill the related form till now. Before arriving in India, one had to fill the online form on the ‘Air-Subidha’ portal and get the registration number. The form had to write, when the corona vaccination was taken, which vaccination was taken, how many doses of vaccination were taken etc. If the government rules were not followed, the permission to board the flight to India would not be given. That rule was withdrawn from last Monday night after 12 o’clock.

India’s Union Ministry of Health, along with the decision, said that the obligation may be brought back if necessary. Although filling of forms related to vaccinations has been canceled for the time being, the government feels that as a precautionary measure, passengers should wear masks and maintain social distancing on flights and airports.

The time when the central government of India has withdrawn this obligation imposed on foreign travelers is an ideal time for tourists to visit India.

The government believes that this decision will increase the number of international tourists in India this season. It will be good for the country’s economy.

Corona infection has reduced a lot in India now. According to the official count of Tuesday morning, the number of active corona patients in India is now 6 thousand 402. Meanwhile, the recovery rate from Corona has increased to 98.8.