The former mayor of Chittagong City Corporation M Manzoor Alam wants to gift a flat house in Bangladesh to Saudi goalkeeper Mohammad Al Wais, the hero of Saudi Arabia’s incredible win against Argentina. He also wants to bring the goalkeeper to Bangladesh and welcome him at the Sheikh Russell Mini Stadium in Chittagong.

Shokrana and doa mahfil was held today on Wednesday under the initiative of Manzoor Alam due to the victory of Saudi Arabia against the former world champions. This doa mahfil was organized in the morning at the Mustafa Hakim Bhavan Auditorium in Colonelhat, Chittagong. He thinks that the reputation of the Muslim Ummah has been brightened by the victory of Saudi Arabia. At this time Manjur Alam wants to give the goalkeeper a flat in his Mustafa Hakim Bagan house besides the reception.

Manjur Alam told Prothom Alo, “Saudi Arabia defeated the former champions with the extraordinary skill of goalkeeper Mohammad Al Wais.” I am ready to gift him a flat house in Bangladesh. Besides, I would like to bring it to the Sheikh Russell Stadium in Sagarika and give a reception. If they agree, it will be done.
Manzoor Alam also said, “Saudi Arabia has brightened the reputation of the Muslim Ummah.” It is a unique achievement. We are proud of this.

Alhaj Mostafa Hakim University College Principal Mohammad Alamgir presided over the thanksgiving gathering and prayer meeting. Former vice-principal Badsha Alam, Maulana Faridul Alam and other students were present in the Shokrana rally. Maulana Abdul Mannan led the prayer. In the prayer, Allah’s mercy is sought for the Muslim Ummah, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

At this time sweets are distributed among all. Students studying in educational institutions and madrasas run by Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Welfare Foundation and Alhaj Hochne Ara Welfare Trust are given half-day break.