Archana is popularly known as ‘Evadi’ in Biswas area. Evadi Boudi, Evadi Khalamma, Evadi Apa—the residents of Jessore suburbs call him by these names. Behind this introduction of Archana Biswas is his organization Jayati Society.

The current membership of Jayati Society is 28,000. They are all women. Among these women, 1 thousand 80 people got employment in Jayati Society. 98 percent of the total workforce of Jayati Society are women. Male workers are only 2 percent.

Archana Biswas is now 62 years old. And his Jayati Society celebrated its 20th anniversary on November 7. Archana Biswas, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization told Prothom Alo the story of Jayati Society’s successful progress through various obstacles.

Archana Biswas said on the phone that they wanted to build an organization with their own income and under their own management without being dependent on donors. Jayati Society started its journey on November 7, 2002 from this goal. 98 percent of the staff working in this organization working for the development of women and children are women. They are the ones who are doing important work like managing the cash and leading.

Archana Biswas said that the salaries and allowances of the employees are paid from the income generated by various business ventures of Jayati Society. Various social service activities are being conducted with the profit that is made from the business venture. Women are getting priority in these activities.

‘Jayati Bhavan’ has been built on seven and a half katha land on Railgate Mujib road in Jessore. Recently, Prothom Alo Jessore representative Monirul Islam visited the building. Jayati’s head office is on the sixth floor of the building.

The building has Jayati Henschel (Bangla Restaurant), Jayati Fast Food, Jayati Chinese Restaurant, Jayati Pizza Tree, Jayati Beauty Parlor, Jayati Fitness Center, Jayati Conference Rooms (5), Jayati Community Center, Jayati Karate Center (for women and children), Various establishments including Jayati Guesthouse, Jayati Healthcare Center, Jayati Body Massage.

Jayati Society manufactures and sells daily essentials — parched rice, unadulterated pickles and powdered spices. There are black cumin, coconut, sesame, mustard and almond oils. According to the season they sell different products including flowers, jaggery, mangoes, vegetables.

Jayati’s henshel is clean. Pink color on the wall. Here 8 to 10 women serve food. They wear pink clothes. Henshel’s cash table is manned by women workers. Anyone can eat this dish.