Finance is at the epicentre of blockchain implementation. The emergence of cryptocurrencies, backed by blockchain technology has been coined as the biggest innovation since the internet.

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Cryptocurrencies have the ability to create a new kind of native asset class without a central authority. Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology that promises to revolutionise the financial sector through lower costs, greater transparency and transaction efficiency. ProCryptoGain can facilitate the move towards crypto with services including Crypto-coin Wallet development, ICO and STO creation.



Cryptocurrency has well and truly established itself as a viable alternative to traditional forms of currency. They eliminate the need for banking institutions and the decentralised system lowers transaction costs while protecting against currency devaluations. The development of a digitalised cryptocurrency wallet allows you to access and manage multiple currencies in one easy platform. The crypto-coin wallet works by storing the private and public security keys that allow users to securely send and receive monetary tokens. ProCryptoGain is Melbourne’s leading crypto-coin wallet development agency.


STO’s are a secure and reliable way to gain investor interest and raise capital. They provide investors with tangible legal rights that function as real financial securities. STO’s are cryptographic security that derives their value from tradable, external assets. They can generate profit, pay dividends and be used to invest in other tokens. ProCryptoGain is at the forefront of the latest tokenisation technology and is poised to help launch, manage and market your STO.

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